Our intention was not to erect yet another monument to Czesław Miłosz. Instead, we resolved to organize an international typeface competition in tribute to his work. The Milosz Typeface is our idea of commemorating and popularizing Miłosz’s work beyond his birth centennial year. We hope that Milosz will become the exclusive typeface used for publishing the Nobel Laureate’s works in Polish and other languages. Now you can visit our online gallery and see the Milosz Typeface and other awarded Type Design International Student Competition “Milosz 2011” entries.

The winning entry, known as the Milosz Typeface, was designed by Damien Collot, a young French type designer, recent gradaute of école supérieure d'art et de design in Amiens. Damien Collot is a type designer and consultant for logos, lettering and typeface design. He developed interest in typography and researched italics while working with Titus Nemeth, Sébastien Morlighem, Patrick Doan and Thomas Huot-Marchand. He lives and works in the southern France.

▲ Winning entry
The Competition Jury univocally selected Damien Collot’s typeface from an excellent collection of submitted entries, and awarded it for a successful combination of apparently mutually exclusive features of Miłosz’s writing, its tensions and contradictions. The jury was captivated by a subtle blend of the classic and the modern, the stern and the poetic in Mr Collot’s typeface.

▲ Second-place laureate
Typeface designed by a team of designers from School of Design in Zagreb, Croatia – Marko Hrastovec, Andrija Mudnic and Luka Reicher (supervised by dr Nikola Djurek). The jury awarded an honorable mention for the design of the italics typeface.

▲ Honorable mention
Typeface designed by Renata Pokrywińska of Uniwersytet Artystyczny in Poznań, Poland (prof. Krzysztof Kochnowicz – supervisor).

▲ Honorable mention
Typeface designed by Daniel Sabino de Souza of Eina-Escuela Superior de Disseny in Spain (Ms. Laura Meseguer – supervisor).